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1/23/2020 Preorder Update

These posts are a copy of the emails sent out to all preorder participants. We hold an update every other week on Twitch where you can ask us questions and learn more about our releases.

Hi there,

I hope you've had a great start to the new year! We're here to bring you a brief update on our ongoing projects.

Rama x Keycult Brass Preorders - All preorders have now shipped! You should have received an email yesterday with tracking information. If you're in the US, hopefully caps will start arriving tomorrow. If you're outside of the US, please keep in mind that First Class International shipping can take a couple of weeks (most chose that option).

No. 1/60 Rev. 1 and No. 1/65 Rev. 1 - Production is still underway, but there is a pause this week and next for Chinese New Year. Once our manufacturer is back in action, we'll get a more substantial update for everyone. PCBs have already arrived and all of our packaging will arrive along with the manufactured cases, once those are ready. Zach is also planning to visit the factory to do some in-person QC before they ship so that we can be as confident as possible in the quality before the boards land stateside.

If you have any questions that this email doesn't answer, or if you want to learn more about our upcoming projects, come join us during our live update on our Twitch channel. Hope to see you there!

Zach & Jorge

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