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4/30/2020 Update

These posts are a copy of the emails sent out to all preorder participants. We hold an update every other week on Twitch where you can ask us questions and learn more about our releases.

Hey everyone!

Things are moving forward and we are hopeful that we will be able to fulfill some of our ongoing projects soon. 

No. 1/60 & 1/65 -
  • Anodizing is done for most of the kits! Initial QC by the factory is being done.
  • We’re still hoping for a mid-to-late May
Wrist rests -
  • Parts are being machined.
  • We hope to send these our in late June/ early July.
Apparel -
  • Clockwise has all of the apparel blanks. Everything is still being screen-printed and embroidered. 
  • We should send these out mid-to-late May
No. 1 & 3 TKL
  • We are still waiting for samples. We will share more details when we have them in hand.
No. 2/65 / Machining
  • We’ve made great progress on machining the new No. 2/65. We have our 1st prototype completed, and have been sharing pictures on instagram. If you are interested in the process of how a keyboard is made, make sure you follow us on twitch, we have been streaming a lot of the process.

That's it for now! We hope everyone is staying safe!


-Zach & Jorge

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