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Extra PCBs & polycarbonate half-plates for sale on Tuesday, March 5 @ 6pm EST

We've been saying for a while that extra PCBs and polycarbonate half-plates would be available for the No. 1/60 & No. 1/65, but we wanted to wait until after the remaining kits were sold. Unfortunately, cerakoting those kits has taken longer than we wanted, so we're going to go ahead and sell the remaining PCBs and plates earlier than planned.

Extra PCBs & polycarbonate half-plates will be for sale on Tuesday, March 5 at 6pm EST on our site. We have very limited quantity available, but more PCBs will be for sale later in the year.

  • 60% WT60-A PCBs - 4 available
  • 60% Polycarbonate half-plates - 7 available
  • 65% WT65-A PCBs - 6 available
  • 65% Polycarbonate half-plates - 5 available

Due to these limited quantities, there will be a couple of conditions for the sale:

  • Only people who have bought a No. 1/60 or No. 1/65 will be able to buy extra plates and PCBs. Orders by people who did not buy a kit will be canceled.
  • You may only buy one of each item for your specific kit (no hoarding all the remaining PCBs).

As far as the cerakoted kits are concerned, we'll have another update for everyone by Monday.



Typed on a Keycult No. 1/65

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