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Introducing the Keycult No. 1 Rev. 1

Introducing the Keycult No. 1 Rev. 1
Update (June 8): Raffle sale will start on June 22, learn more here.



We’re really excited to introduce the new & revised Keycult No. 1 TKL (Rev. 1). Redesigned from the ground up, this keyboard retains the No. 1 aesthetic while updating every major component. We believe this revision is more refined than its predecessor and sincerely hope you enjoy building and using it.

We’ll be releasing a build log, video teardown, quality disclosure, and other support guides soon. If this is your first time seeing the board and you want to see more, we've been posting teasers on Instagram over the past few weeks:

Specs & info

  • Price: $515
  • In-stock and ready to ship at the time of sale
  • Tenkeyless, standard layout (with winkey), 8° typing angle
  • Isolated gasket mount (like the No. 1/60 & 1/65)
  • VIA-compatible WT80-A PCB and USB-C daughterboard designed by Wilba
  • 6063 aluminum case top, bottom, mid, and plate
  • Kits include chassis, PCB, vibration-damping gaskets, bumpon feet, case screws, hex driver
  • Two variants: Dark Blue & Silver and Black & Gold
  • Optional extras: Brass plates, additional PCBs

How to buy

There will be a few ways to get a new No. 1:

  1. KeyCon 2019 raffle sale & giveaway – Saturday, June 1 in NYC. Come find us in the vendor area to enter a KeyCon-exclusive raffle to purchase a kit. This raffle is separate from the main sale, so this is an additional chance to get a kit for folks who are attending the event. Additionally, we’re contributing a Black & Gold kit to be given away as part of the general KeyCon raffle.
  2. Raffle sale – June (exact date TBD). The majority of kits will be sold by raffle later in June.
  3. Vickrey auction – June (following main raffle). A small number of kits will be sold by Vickrey auction following the main raffle. This style of auction has a number of benefits that we’ll talk about more at a later time.

Want to get in touch?

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat, you can join our Discord server: You can also get in touch at And of course you can chat with us in person at KeyCon! Hope to see many of you there.

p.s. Missed out on the No. 2? You may have another chance sooner than you'd think…

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