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Introducing the Keycult No. 2

Introducing the Keycult No. 2

After a longer-than-expected wait, we're really excited to share more detail about the Keycult No. 2, when it should be available, and how you can get one.

Here's how you can learn more:

About the No. 2 – Specifications, features, and description of variants. Learn more about the origin of the No. 2, what went into its design, and what you can expect to receive.

Video teardown – Starting with a built board, we'll tear it down and put it back together again. See the board outside and in and learn how it all fits together in the process.

Build log – Photographic log of the build we showed in the above teardown. We tried to photograph every step of the build process, starting with a kit as you'd receive it.

Discord – Join our new Discord server if you'd like to chat or ask any questions.


Sale information

The No. 2 will be sold in two stages:

  1. First-come, first-served sale – Sunday, April 21 at 6pm EDT. Half of the kits will be available.
  2. Raffle – Immediately following, closing at 6pm EDT the next day (April 22). The other half will be available, including b-stock. Like our past raffles, you'll be able to rank multiple selections by preference to increase the chance that you get a kit if you're selected.


April 20 – Giveaway on

The day before the sale, Nathan Kim will be doing a build and giveaway of a Contemporary Red No. 2 . The stream will start at 6:30pm EDT and the giveaway will happen after the build, towards the end of the stream. I'll be around in chat to hang out and answer any questions! Hope to see you there.



p.s. No. 2 isn't for you? This summer, we'll make a return to the beginning...

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