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No. 1/60 & 1/65 extras & No. 2 release estimate

This message has been a while coming — I’m sorry for the delay. We had overwhelming support and interest during our January release and we’re so glad to see that folks are happy with the kits they’ve received. If anyone has any feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out!

We wanted to share some information on some extra No. 1/60 and No. 1/65 keyboards as well as what’s coming after that.

We’ll have a limited number of Cerakoted No. 1/60 and No. 1/65 keyboards available in (hopefully) a couple of weeks

We ordered twenty No. 1/60 and twenty No. 1/65 keyboards to sell for this first release, but some of them had minor blemishes or defects that caused us to hold them back from the regular sale. A few of these boards were sold as b-stock in a raffle announced on geekhack, but more of them have defects that could be resolved with Cerakote, a ceramic coating originally designed for firearms.

We’ve been working with a few local Cerakote applicators and we hope to move forward with one of them soon. If you’re interested, please follow our post on geekhack. While we can’t give an exact date yet, we’ll give plenty of notice so that you won’t miss it if you check back every few days.

Limited numbers of extra PCBs and polycarbonate half-plates will be available soon after the Cerakote sale

While we don’t currently have enough extra PCBs and polycarbonate half-plates for everyone who bought a keyboard, a limited number will be for sale soon after all the keyboards have sold. For now, they will only be available to those who bought a kit. In the future, we’ll have extra PCBs and (possibly) plates for sale as a regular item, so if you miss out on one now, it won’t be your only opportunity to get one.

The Keycult No. 2 TKL planned for late March/early April

I first mentioned the No. 2 in 2018. It was originally planned for December, but was pushed back in favor of the No. 1/60 and 1/65 release. It’s a bit of an experiment, and features a completely new aesthetic. The No. 2 will be another limited run, with 22 kits (one premium version and one super premium version). I expect people to be surprised — both by uncommon design elements as well as the price. It is considerably more difficult to manufacture than most boards, and that will unfortunately be reflected in the price.

As everything falls into place, we’ll give out more information about the sale as well as details about the board.

No. 2 engraving

Plenty more to come later this year

We hope to move at a fast pace this year, with something new being released every couple of months. We have plans for some much larger keyboard releases as well as more limited runs, accessories, and other miscellany. Stay tuned!

p.s. We bought a CNC router for… science. If anyone’s interested, we’ve posted a time lapse of the assembly on our new YouTube channel.

Typed on a Keycult No. 2

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