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Roasted on July 21st, 2020. Each bag contains 12oz of beans.

Coffeecult's first blend is a revival of Corvus Coffee's seasonal Tre Bukken. As a mix of natural, washed, and honey process beans, its taste is complex and hard to describe. So we asked some of the more seasoned coffee enthusiasts in our community for their thoughts, which you can read below.

flatwhite (Photo credit: Second Picture)

A truly unique coffee of three processes that are full of amazing flavors. Each sip is a new exploration as each coffee process shines through differently at different temperatures. As espresso - juicy, citrus & melon, developing into plum, before taking a syrupy jam turn as you near the end of the cup. On pourover - raisin, figs, velvety, balanced with hints of delicious savory notes. Recommend to brew hot, and let it cool a bit before enjoying every last drop.

Espresso: 17g in/40.5g out/29 sec @ 96C/205F

Pourover: 20g in/320g out/4 minute brew (1:16 brew ratio)


Rik (Photo credit: third picture) 

From opening the bag to brewing - Coffeecult blend is an experience mirroring the one of a kind keyboard experience we’ve come to expect from Keycult. Before brewing give yourself a moment to enjoy the mixing of aromas which lend a hint to the multiple processes used in this three-way Ethiopian blend. Coffeecult is not suited to any one method so enjoy on your preferred brew method, espresso, pourover, drip, etc. Taste this as an espresso and you’ll immediately receive bursts of juicy melon and complex acidity. But allow your cup to cool and begin following the flavors as they expand. Continue your Coffeecult journey to a sweet finish which ends at a syrupy dried fruit flavor reminiscent of hard candy that lingers long after you’ve finished your cup.

Preparation – Coffeecult Blend is forgiving on espresso and doesn’t require a strict recipe but prefers a longer extraction. I had great success at 18g dose with 42g yield pulled in 35 seconds. If you find your setup struggling with the delicate light roast, try 20g dose with 45g yield in a similar timed extraction. Temperature is equally as forgiving and tastes excellent when brewed anywhere from 93-96C.


We'd like to give a special thanks to Koi, without whom this blend would not exist.

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