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Roasted on October 12, 2020. Each bag contains 12oz of beans.

Coffeecult's second run is a return to Corvus and Ethiopia. This single-origin (excuse the label misprint) has notes of grapefruit, bergamot, and cedar. This coffee is very rich and a ton of fun to experiment with. As with our first run, we asked Koi, Rik, and Flatwhite (the Coffeecult Council, as we've come to know them) for their options included what they had to say below:

Coffeecult No. 2: Ethiopia Duromina. A classic, washed Ethiopian coffee. Great balance of flavors - lemon zest and green pepper, mixed with savory vegetal and nut accents. Carries some body with it. As espresso: grapefruit, with some cacao, and zingy. Pull longer or with additional extraction time to control acidity balance. Adding milk transforms it into a delectable earl grey milk tea. As pourover: a sweet, easy sipping treat with light citrus notes and some tasty bassy notes.

Espresso: 18g in/45g out/ 35-40 sec

Pourover: 20g in/320g out/4 minute brew (1:16 brew ratio)

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