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About the No. 1 Rev. 1

The No. 1 Rev. 1 retains the same aesthetic of our original tenkeyless released in 2017, but is rebuilt from the ground up with all the modern features you'd expect from a Keycult release in 2019.


Useful Links

Sale information  Learn how this kit will be sold, including important dates and times for sale entry.

Video teardown Starting with a built board, we’ll tear it down and put it back together again so you can see all of the individual components. We’ll also walk through some differences between this revision and the original.

Typing test Hear what the board sounds like with Gateron Ink switches from Novel Keys.

Build log Photographic log of the build we showed in the teardown.


Overview & Specs

Sale basics:

  • Price: $515
  • In-stock and ready to ship at time of sale
  • Two variants available: Dark Navy & Silver and Black & Gold
  • Extras available: WT80-A PCBs, brass full plates, polycarbonate full plates

Kit specifications:

  • Tenkeyless, standard layout (with winkey, without blockers)
  • 8° typing angle
  • 6063 aluminum case top, bottom, mid, and plate
  • Isolated gasket mount (like the No. 1/60 & 1/65)
  • VIA-compatible WT80-A PCB and USB-C daughterboard designed by Wilba
  • Kits include chassis, plate, PCB, vibration-damping gaskets, bumpon feet, case screws, hex driver


    Reimagining the No. 1

    Originally released in 2017, the No. 1 tenkeyless keyboard was sold in a small, private group buy that never sought out the attention it eventually received. Nearly two years later, we're coming back to the design.

    Using what we've learned in the meantime, the No. 1 Rev. 1 is rebuilt from the ground up. No parts are compatible with the original board – from major architectural changes like the incorporation of a USB-C daughterboard to subtle shifts in the curvatures of the case, everything is different. We think this revision is more refined than its predecessor, and we sincerely hope you enjoy it.


    Programming the WT80-A PCB

    The No. 1 Rev. 1 uses a WT80-A PCB designed by Wilba. Keymaps can be programmed on-the-fly using the VIA Configurator. Launch the application with your No. 1 already plugged in and begin assigning new keys.


    Quality disclosure

    As with all our releases, we're written a quality disclosure so that you can understand possible aesthetic defects before you buy. You can read it here.

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