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About the No. 2

Introducing the No. 2, a tenkeyless keyboard from Keycult. Inspired by the HHKB Professional HG, the No. 2 is a limited-run, premium kit that has been in the works since mid-2018.


Useful Links

Blog announcement – Check out our announcement of the Keycult No. 2, including sale & giveaway information.

Video teardown – Starting with a built board, we'll tear it down and put it back together again. See the board outside and in and learn how it all fits together in the process.

Build log – Photographic log of the build we showed in the above teardown. We tried to photograph every step of the build process, starting with a kit as you'd receive it.


Overview & Specs

Note (Apr 21): The sale will be LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER. You will not be able to buy both a Classic Stainless and a Contemporary Red.


  • Winkeyless layout with blockers
  • 8° typing angle
  • Isolated gasket mount (like the No. 1/60 & 1/65)
  • Seamless 3D-contoured profile
  • Case constructed without visible external screws
  • VIA-compatible WT80-A PCB and USB-C daughterboard designed by Wilba
  • All kits include a keyboard chassis, PCB, vibration-damping gaskets and feet, case screws, hex drivers

Classic Stainless:

  • 6063 aluminum case top, interior, and plate
  • Silver anodized top and interior
  • Red anodized plate
  • Mirror polished stainless steel baseplate
  • Unique 1 through 10 internal numbering
  • Weight: 7lbs 6oz
  • Price: $885

Contemporary Red:

  • 6063 aluminum case top, interior, plate, and bottom
  • Silver anodized top and interior
  • Red anodized plate and baseplate
  • Weight: 5lbs 13oz
  • Price: $585


Origin of the No. 2

I originally conceived of the No. 2 as an "end-game" tenkeyless keyboard that I would be happy to have on my desk for years: something clean that might catch your eye but wouldn't demand your attention; something classic that would pair well with multiple keycap sets, but especially well with original Cherry; something original that doesn't feel like a rehash of existing customs.

Modeled after fabled HHKB Professional HG, a keyboard that makes few compromises, the No. 2 features a subtly-contoured and seamless profile as well as a case construction that eschews external screws. The Classic edition mirrors the Pro HG with an expanse of polished stainless steel covering the bottom of the case, while the Contemporary edition replaces steel with anodized aluminum and a sharply contrasting laser-etched logo. The design and architecture of the No. 2 spares no expense and both variants are uncommonly difficult expensive to manufacture.


Programming the WT80-A PCB

The No. 2 uses a WT80-A PCB designed by Wilba. Keymaps can be programmed on-the-fly using the VIA Configurator. Launch the application with your No. 2 already plugged in and begin assigning new keys.


Quality disclosure

Like the No. 1/60 and 1/65, we've written a quality disclosure for this release. You can read it here.

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