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How to buy

Keycult produces limited-run, premium computer keyboard kits through regular, pre-announced releases. You can check out our schedule to get a better idea of what's coming up. While we do re-run designs, we will very rarely re-run exact colorways or configurations.

We cannot currently meet demand for our products, so we sell them in a way that may be unfamiliar to you if you're used to standard retail. Here are the different ways you can get one of our kits:

Raffle sales & preorders — Time-limited raffles that give you a chance to purchase a kit during a release or preorder. These raffles occur on a pre-announced date and have limited windows for entry. After collecting all entries, we randomize them and invoice based on product availability. Depending on the release, these raffles may be for either an in-stock kit or a preorder slot for something that is slated for production.

Vickrey auctions — We wrote up a blog post on Vickrey auctions and why we use them here. Vickrey auctions will always be for in-stock kits in excellent condition. We will not hold auctions for preorder slots.

Commissions — In addition to our usual forms of sale, we offer a premium commission service that allows people to order a Keycult kit tailored to their preference. Commissions are expensive and are not for everyone.


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