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No. 1 Rev. 1 Raffle Details

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Raffle entry link

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The entry link will be the same for both the 10am and 10pm entry window. See below for more information. 

Format & rules

The majority of our stock (approx. 55 kits) will be sold through a raffle. The raffle will have two time-limited windows for entry, spaced 12 hours apart to better support people in different timezones.

  • First entry window: 10am Eastern Time, June 22 for 3 minutes (CLOSED)
  • Second entry window: 10pm Eastern Time, June 22 for 3 minutes (CLOSED)
  • One submission per household, between both entry periods. You may not enter during the first entry window and again during the second. Those found circumventing this rule will be banned from future Keycult sales.
  • Invoices will be sent out to winners on Sunday, June 23. We'll make an announcement on our Discord server after invoices are sent. We'll also send an email to those who did not make it in. 
  • Invoices must be paid within 24 hours of receipt or the invoice will be canceled and the kit given to the next raffle participant.

Preparing for your submission

Since you won't have a lot of time to submit, we've provided a list of information you should be prepared to enter below.

  • Email address for notifications and invoicing (does not need to be your PayPal address)
  • Username and community affiliation
  • Name, address, phone number
  • List of preferred kits: Dark Navy & Silver (A-stock), Dark Navy & Silver (B-stock), Black & Gold (A-stock), Black & Gold (B-stock).
  • List of extras: WT80-A PCBs (up to 2, $65), brass full plate ($50), polycarbonate full plate ($28)

Note: All A-stock kits will be $515 and all B-stock kits will be $465. B-stock kits will be allocated randomly, but we will provide a number of defect examples in our Quality Disclosure for this release. 


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