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No. 2 Build Log



Detaching the baseplate using screws accessed through the plate.



Detaching the case top using screws on the bottom of the mounting block.



Installing the daughterboard (this will come pre-installed since it requires an unusually small hex key).



Building out and soldering the PCB. We're using Sakurios, a 62g silent linear switch from Zeal. Also using the bandaid mod to damp stabilizer bottom-out.



Testing the PCB after soldering, ensuring that the daughterboard cable is oriented correctly.



Before placing the newly assembled plate/PCB over the mounting block, we're dropping in the baseplate mounting screws.



Flipping the assembly over to access the case top mounting screws, sandwiching the plate between the mounting block and case top.



Reattaching the baseplate using the same screw access holes in the plate.



Build (nearly) complete!



We're using original Cherry dyesubs with this case.

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