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No. 2 Rev. 1 preorder information

The No. 2 Rev. 1 is a minor revision to our super-premium No. 2 tenkeyless keyboard design. Featuring a seamless, 3D-contoured side profile and a screwless exterior, the No. 2 is uncompromising in its vision.

Product page — Full specs for the No. 2 Rev. 1, pictures, layout options, etc.

First look video — Take a look at the kit you'd receive

Typing test — Typing sounds for the kit we built (Gateron Blacks)

Preorder raffle link

You'll be able to enter the raffle for a preorder spot through the link below. This form will go live on July 27. Please continue reading for more information.

Preorder overview

This is our first limited preorder of 2019. Unlike our other releases this year, we will sell a limited number of slots through a raffle prior to production. We will produce up to 150 kits with 75 being available for preorder. Additional kits will be sold after preorders are fulfilled.

We expect preorders to be delivered in October. If that changes, we'll provide prompt updates (see below for more on how we're going to be doing preorder updates).

An additional note: We will not accept PayPal for preorders. PayPal terms have disallowed preorders longer than 20 days for some time now, but they've recently begun to crack down. As frozen funds can put an entire release in jeopardy, we will only be accepting payments by credit or debit card.

Here's how things will go:

  1. Preorder Raffle — Preorder slots will raffled in the same way that we conducted the No. 1 Rev. 1 sale. Two limited windows for entry will be open at 10am and 10pm Eastern Time. This will happen on Saturday, July 27.
  2. General and B-stock Sale — In order to guarantee a-stock units to all preorders, we will order a significant number of extra kits. Most extras, including b-stock, will be sold by an additional raffle sale after preorders have been fulfilled.
  3. Vickrey Auction — 10 a-stock kits will be sold by auction following preorder delivery and the general sale. The exact date will be announced later. As with the No. 1 Rev. 1, the bidding period will last 24 hours. If you want to read more about Vickrey auctions and why we use them, you can check out our blog post here.

Preorder updates

We are committed to keeping everyone up-to-date on production and will be giving an update on all current projects every two weeks. The updates will cover the current stage of production, any delays, and any other useful or relevant information.

These updates will be given live and streamed on the Keycult Twitch channel, then posted to our YouTube channel and blog afterwards. We'll start with our update and then answer audience questions.

Here's where we stand at the time of writing this (July 14, 2019):

  • We are currently awaiting samples for the final colorway (Dark Gray & Brass) and configurations (Standard and Winkeyless). We will release a full set of product photos, build log, teardown video, and typing test before the preorder raffle.
  • WT80-A PCBs have already been ordered and are currently in production.

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