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Coffeecult's third release is a wonderfully fruity Kenyan single origin. For this run we are partnering with Tetrahedron Coffee, based out of Alameda, CA. This run was extra special, not only because we got to work with coffeecult's own flatwhite, but because it was a more collaborative process. We went through 3 rounds of sampling to end up where we did, and we are so excited to share this release with you.

A note on roasting: flatwhite will be roasting this batch over the weekend (1/16-1/17) so you will be getting freshly roasted beans. We recommend that you wait at least 7 days after the roast date for optimal flavor.

A note from the Coffeecult Council (Koi, Rik, flatwhite): For espresso, we recommend a shorter extraction time to get some wonderful Grapefruit and a slightly longer one for some Guava notes. 

Espresso: 18g in/26g out/ 24-28 sec

Pourover: 20g in/320g out/4 minute brew (1:16 brew ratio)

This will be sold directly on the Tetrahedron site! Please follow this link to purchase.


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