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The No. 1 Rev. 2 is a small revision to the No. 1 design, adding a few quality of life changes. A new leaf-spring plate adds a bit of additional flex to the typing experience while PTFE locating pins solve the problem of plate alignment during assembly. The plate is backwards-compatible with last year's No. 1 Rev. 1, though the locating pins are not. 

As always, these products are subject to our quality disclosure.
Kit Specifications:
  • TKL Form Factor
  • 8° Typing angle
  • 6063 aluminum top and bottom, brass or stainless steel accent
  • Polished or sandblasted accent options
  • Isolated gasket sandwich mount
  • PTFE plate-alignment pins
  • Leaf spring switchplate
  • PCB compatibility: VIA-compatible WT80-A (solderable) and WT80-BC (hotswap) with USB-C daughterboard designed by Wilba
  • Kit includes chassis, plate, PCB, vibration-damping gaskets, bumpon feet, case screws, hex drives, and PTFE alignment pins

  • Case top and Bottom colors:
    • Anodized Black
    • Anodized Silver
    • Anodized Burgundy
    • Anodized Navy
  • Case mid/accent:
    • Mirror-polished Stainless Steel
    • Sandblasted Stainless Steel
    • Sandblasted Brass (coated)
  • Layout:
    • Standard (without blockers)
    • Winkeyless (with blockers)
  • Switchplate:
    • Anodized aluminum:
      • Silver
      • Black
      • Burgundy
      • Navy
    • Sandblasted Brass (coated)

Cost and addons:
  • Aluminum and Brass mid: $700 ($650 B-Stock)
  • Aluminum and Stainless mid: $750 ($700 B-Stock)
  • Extra PCBs will not be offered. Option of either Hotswap or Solderable will be given.
  • Additional Plates (Plates offer only 7u bottom row compatibility)
    • Brass: $45
    • Aluminum: $40
    • Polycarbonate: $35
    • Polycarbonate half-plate: $35

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