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The No. 2/65 is the first keyboard kit manufactured in-house at the Keycult Workshop and finished in the USA. Kits are sold in batches as they are manufactured.

Next raffle: September 23rd between 10am and 8pm Eastern on In order to enter, you must be a verified member of our Discord server in good standing.

Kit Specifications
  • 65% Form Factor
  • 8° Typing angle
  • Powdercoat White Top
  • Matte Silver Anodized Mid
  • Unfinished Silver Anodized Bottom
  • Three part "hidden screw" construction
  • Isolated gasket sandwich mount
  • PTFE plate-alignment pins
  • Silver anodized aluminum leaf spring switch plate
  • PCB compatibility: VIA-compatible WT65-G (solderable) and WT65-H1 (hotswap) with USB-C daughterboard designed by

Price and add-ons
  • $610 (B-stock $570) - Powder White and Unfinished Silver, Matte Anodized Blue and Unfinished Silver
    • Kit includes:
      • Silver anodized aluminum switch plate
      • Only Solderable PCB with this release
      • Misc. gaskets, fasteners, alignment pins, drivers
  • No Extras will be offered this sale.

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