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Note: Only one No. 2 kit per person. You may not buy both a Classic Stainless and a Contemporary Red kit. Duplicate orders will be canceled.


Introducing the No. 2, a tenkeyless keyboard from Keycult. Inspired by the HHKB Professional HG, the No. 2 is a limited-run, premium kit that has been in the works since mid-2018.


Useful Links

Read more – An overview of the No. 2 including information on this page as well as more about the origin of the design.

Blog announcement – Check out our announcement of the Keycult No. 2, including sale & giveaway information.

Video teardown – Starting with a built board, we'll tear it down and put it back together again. See the board outside and in and learn how it all fits together in the process.

Build log – Photographic log of the build we showed in the above teardown. We tried to photograph every step of the build process, starting with a kit as you'd receive it.


Overview & Specs


  • Winkeyless layout with blockers
  • 8° typing angle
  • Isolated gasket mount (like the No. 1/60 & 1/65)
  • Seamless 3D-contoured profile
  • Case constructed without visible external screws
  • VIA-compatible WT80-A PCB and USB-C daughterboard designed by Wilba
  • All kits include a keyboard chassis, PCB, vibration-damping gaskets and feet, case screws, hex drivers

Contemporary Red:

  • 6063 aluminum case top, interior, plate, and bottom
  • Silver anodized top and interior
  • Red anodized plate and baseplate
  • Weight: 5lbs 13oz
  • Price: $585


Quality disclosure

Like the No. 1/60 and 1/65, we've written a quality disclosure for this release. You can read it here.


Note: Keycaps are for display only. Does not include keycaps or switches.

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