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The No. 2 Rev. 2 manufactured in Raleigh, NC. The revision features small internal changes to help with manufacturing, the aesthetics of the keyboard are the same.

Next raffle: September 23rd between 10am and 8pm Eastern on In order to enter, you must be a verified member of our Discord server in good standing.

Kit specifications:

  • Colorways:
    • Black & Silver Hammertone Powdercoat & Brushed Red Waves
    • Black & Silver Hammertone Powdercoat & Brushed Silver Waves
  • Tenkeyless form-factor, WK and WKL will be available.
  • 8.5° typing angle
  • 6063 aluminum
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Plate
  • Isolated gasket sandwich mount
  • Leaf-spring plate for added flex
  • Custom-molded silicone feet
  • PTFE Alignment pins
  • VIA-compatible WT80-BC and USB-C daughterboard designed by Wilba
  • Kit includes chassis, plate, PCB, vibration-damping gaskets, bumpon feet, case screws, and drivers
  • Our standard quality disclosure applies


  • No. 2 Rev. 2 parts are not compatible with previous revisions.
  • Only HS PCB with this release
  • No extras will be sold this release.

Price: $680 ($610 B-Stock)


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